Painting and model making

Painting and model making

All your paints, tools and creative hobby supplies are in this section. Listed by manufacture and then listed product types.

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A useful everlasting tool that no bench should be without; a six well aluminum pallet for any type o..

Ex Tax: £2.92

Citadel Basing Kit

In this kit, you’ll find a selection of products that will help you to create the perfect atmospheri..

Ex Tax: £24.79

Contrast paint bundle

the complete set of citadel color contrast paints and one of each of the contrast primers.Contrast: ..

Ex Tax: £116.67

Revell Contacta Professional Mini Glue 12.5g

Revell Contacta Professional Mini Glue is ideal for a huge variety of model-making projects, allowin..

Ex Tax: £2.17


An essential product for mixing different colors of paint. Pipettes offer control when mixing paints..

Ex Tax: £2.49

Swann Morton Blades 10A (5 PACK)

Professional blades which are used in a variety of different industries.Made from carbon steelNon-st..

Ex Tax: £0.83

Swann-Morton Craft Knife Handle - No.4

Swann-Morton Craft Knife Handles - No.4.Top quality surgical handles.Blades sold separately...

Ex Tax: £4.38