Scattered throughout the land as if by the hand of a mad god, the Spires dominate the landscape they stand upon. Rising thousands of feet into the air, they are the source of countless suppositions, tales and myths. The learned know that the Spires house entire populations, the last remnants of a civilization that once dared to span the stars.

The Exiles arrived on Eä countless millennia ago as explorers. Their craft and skill allowed them to breach the vast distances between suns and their vibrant civilization looked for new worlds to colonize. The first Spires were germinated to house a small community of scientists, explorers and surveyors, who spent centuries in isolation, studying the planet and preparing the way for a wave of settlers, who would tame the primordial land they had discovered.

They never arrived. Instead a growing stream of refugees began to arrive fleeing a calamity the Spires will not speak of to this day.

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Conquest - The Last Arguement of Kings Core Set

CORE BOX SETTHE SPIRES, THE HUNDRED KINGDOMSMore than six centuries have passed since the Fall chang..

Ex Tax: £58.33

Conquest Abomination

Abominations loom several man heights over the head of even the tallest mortal. Their gore slicked l..

Ex Tax: £33.33

Conquest Brute Drones

Unlike the elegant Biomantic processes and techniques used in the development of creations like the ..

Ex Tax: £29.17

Conquest Force-Grown Drones

In the dispassionate view of the Directorate, all life that crawls from their vats is a product. Clo..

Ex Tax: £24.00

Conquest Marksman Clones

The Exiles never risk their own precious lives in combat. Instead, they spawn warriors from the grow..

Ex Tax: £24.00