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The Balrog™

The Balrog is a mighty creature of great age and power. Awoken by eager Dwarven miners, the Balrog b..

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Uruk-hai™ Siege Troops

It is not enough for Saruman that he has unleashed an army of thousands against Helm's Deep -- his p..

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Uruk-hai™ Warriors

If Orcs are the foulest creatures to walk Middle-earth then the Uruk-hai are the most dangerous perv..

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War Mûmak™ Of Harad™

The armies of Harad often employ Mûmakil, massive war-beasts trained by the Mahud, to trample their ..

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Warg™ Riders

Wargs are gigantic, evil wolves - massive and dangerous creatures with a cunning and carnivorous int..

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Winged Nazgûl™

The Ringwraiths, or Nazgûl, were once the Kings of Men, the bearers of the magical rings created by ..

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