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Free Folk Raiders

The bulk of the Free Folk forces are made up of the everyday people of the various tribes. They don’..

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Free Folk Savage Giants

There are many strange and mystical creatures in the lands of Westeros. The Giants are among them. T..

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Knights of Casterly Rock

The Lannisters spare no expense when it comes to outfitting their troops. Even the regular line sold..

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Lannister Crossbowmen

When it comes to training soldiers, Crossbowmen require a lot less work than average. The real cost ..

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Lannister Guardsmen

Of all the Great Houses of Westeros, there is none more wealthy and ready for war than the Lannister..

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Lannister Halberdiers

If the Lannisters are known for one thing, it’s their deep pockets. Their wealth lets them afford on..

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Lannister Heroes 1

Wars are fought with money, and in the War of the Five Kings, none of the Great Houses are more fina..

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Lannister Mountain`s Men

The Mountain’s Men are drawn from the dregs of society. These men have no morals and it shows in how..

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Lannister Pyromancers

When in war, a Commander must take advantage of all of the technology at their disposal. Minor break..

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Night's Watch Starter Set

In the far North, at the very edge of civilization in Westeros, the Night’s Watch tirelessly guard T..

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Stark Bowmen

In battle, the goal is to defeat your opponent without being defeated, yourself. If you can attack y..

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Stark Heroes 1

The Starks are known to be dependable, resilient, and above all, loyal. This goes double for their l..

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Stark Outriders

The horsemen of Winterfell are well known for their expert riding skills. Though Stark Outriders esc..

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Stark Sworn Swords

Some units can be judged on their military skills or strength, but in war, when another army is adva..

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Starter Set - Stark vs Lannister

A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game is a competitive miniatures game for two or more ..

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